Quality Services​


Innovative Design


From single-family detached homes to high-rise and mixed-use buildings, Patry Group implements beautifully designed housing solutions by assembling a highly skilled and experienced team of architects, engineers, planners, and consultants from various fields. We take on challenging projects and propose creative design solutions with attention to every detail. Patry Group believes that versatile design principles build a strong foundation for healthy and comfortable living, resident pride, and long-lasting communities. 


Wood Frame Construction

Patry Group understands the rising concerns of climate change, therefore, wood becomes the re-emerging material of choice for residential, commercial, and mixed-use low-rise buildings due to its lighter carbon footprint. Environmental benefits of wood as a construction material prove in the long-term storage of carbon dioxide sequestered by growing trees, the low embodied energy required to process wood, and the life cycle benefits that result from these properties. Green building rating systems recognize wooden constructions due to the minimization of air and water pollutions, compared to concrete and steel that leave a bigger carbon footprint and a higher thermal mass that requires more energy to heat or cool the space.


Leadership in Energy and environmental design

Patry Group always aims at excellence in design sustainability to bring the highest energy-efficient technologies to our clients. Therefore, most of our projects in Kingston and Ottawa deliver the highest sustainability standards to make an ecological, social and economic impact, with global warming considerations in mind. We implement exemplary sustainable features, such as reduction of light and water consumption, treatment of stormwater management. However, the first and most important stage is always seeking exceptional infill parcels that provide access to public transportation and commercial use, as well as proximity to the bike infrastructure.


Property Management

With the principal office located in Kingston, ON, our remarkable property management team delivers the best services to our tenants. We gathered a team of highly experienced professionals that provide exceptional organization to continue building and managing award-winning, long-lasting communities. Our staff is passionate about creating family-oriented and friendly environments while meeting the needs of our clients on an individual and circumstantial basis.

For us, it is not only about finding an apartment to live in but providing our tenants with a comfortable place to call home.