A Few Words

About Us​

Patry Group is a privately-owned integrated real-estate development company that provides a wide range of rental apartment units and commercial spaces to the Kingston and Ottawa communities. We directly own and manage just over 4,200 residential units and about 4,700 mixed-use units at various stages of planning applications, with an additional 400,000 sq. ft. of commercial space under direct ownership or management. We take on development challenges and strive for success with the highest levels of design, sustainability elements, and innovative solutions to complex problems.

Additionally, Patry Group is a founding partner of Richmond Community Management Services (RCMS), an experienced property management firm that provides quality service with a high standard of excellence, care, and personalization. RCMS is one of the largest providers of property management services for social housing of any size in Southern Ontario that manages over 4,000 units in 17 cities for over 38 clients.

High standards, attention to detail, and commitment to tenants IS what elevates Patry Group above the rest.


Green Initiatives

A Cleaner Future

Patry Group was founded with the vision to create a better future. After two decades of building homes, we believe that there’s more than one way to give back to future generations. We are proud to be a leader in sustainability within our industry by providing eco-friendly solutions to future projects. 

Our approach includes being the largest rooftop solar panel provider in the Kingston area, implementing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, and partnering with various tree-planting initiatives to bolster Kingston's green infrastructure. 

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