2 River St and 50 Orchard St, Kingston

Davis Tannery

Project Size

1,487 Units

Development Status

Construction TBD

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This project is currently undergoing zoning to allow for a 1,487 unit (2,350,000 sq ft) residential complex to be completed over a 9 – 12-year timeline. It is master-planned to provide vibrant communities with residential, commercial, and supporting uses. The main benefit of the project is the implementation of public realms within the open space, as the site situates along Kingston’s waterfront and K&P Trail. This project also involves extensive environmental remediation of 37-acre brownfield land due to formal industrial use as a leather tannery. Patry Group works in collaboration with over 20 government agencies on the regulatory planning applications to assist with the remediation of contaminated wetlands. Received approval of $63,000,000 Brownfield Community Improved Plan (CIP).